Thursday, October 06, 2005

Sweet Suzie McNeil

Kate made her First Holy Communion recently, so I made her a monkey in honour of the occasion. She was beautiful on the day, very respectful, and she did magnificently. I am so proud of her :) This one is made out of the smallest baby socks I could find, and so went through a distinctly egg-like stage when its body/legs were stuffed but before it had arms and a face, which was rather cute. This was also my first attempt at monkey clothing, which turned out pretty good I think (theres even a "tail hole" in the back of the jumpsuit which makes me chuckle). Kate has since sewed this little guy a spunky little yellow sunhat which Ill have to try and get a pic of to put on here.

Kate named her Sweet Suzie McNeil in honour of her favourite Rockstar INXS contestant. Pardon my reality TV obsession ranting for a minute, but I just have to say that after watching the whole series again on the Rockstar Marathon on Monday and hearing the new INXS song on the radio, I am a bit disappointed that JD won. He was a painful brat the entire time, and had this bizarre habit of claiming that he desperately wanted to be the new INXS singer but then not actually doing what they asked him to do. Hrm. Suzie blew everyone else out of the water with her Bohemian Rhapsody, I dug Mig's version of Baby I Love Your Way (plus he's Aussie!!), and Jordis' Knockin On Heavens Door was awesome... and JD just postured about and made everyone else cranky. As far as Im concerned, JD is NOT right for our band INXS :( Even though she didnt win, at least Suzie will be immortalised forever as a monkey.

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