Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Chic Magnets

I decided to put my refound crafty energy into small presents for my Aunt (Clinique superstar and provider of the most fabulous lipgloss ever), and for Lak's ammi* who was recently in hospital, which lead to these little guys. This postcard they are holding by the way is part of my rather large collection of free postcards, and is a particular favourite. Aunty Lana got a set of 3 chick magnets (top left), while Ammi got the set of 4 different creatures as well as this pethapoo*

Both pressies went over an absolute treat which is great! :) I am thinking of making some different types of creatures in addition to the 4 little guys above - my thoughts so far are a mouse, a tiger and maybe an owl.

DELAKS Trivia for the linguists: "Ammi" means "Mum" and "Pethapoo" means "parrot" in Singhalese, Lak's native language

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