Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sssshhh.... its a secret!

No crafty post just yet - I have been doing some pretty heavy crafting these past couple o days but its TOP SECRET!! ;) Lets just say its someone's birthday on Sunday, and without giving too much away, Im making some things I think she will enjoy very much...

On an entirely different and not top secret topic, I love clever decorating!! I saw this sort of colour-coding in a magazine a while ago and was considering giving it a go, and after seeing the idea again
here (and executed so beautifully!) and over here (a whole book store!!) and given my OCD-esque tendancy to arrange everything, I think I will definitely try it. I am a little bit worried about my different sized books - ranging from giant graphic design ones to postcard books that are, well, postcard sized - but we'll see how it turns out!

The Queen Victoria Building Tea Room

I went out with my darling friends Emma and Pete on the weekend, and after scouring the city we finally found me some beautiful 21st birthday shoes :) Yep, my 21st pressie is almost 3 years late now, but better late than never right?? ;) We had a wonderful afternoon tea at the QVB Tea Room, which is really what I wanted to do - just the girls, a good chat and a nice cuppa. I had the most lovely vanilla tea and many tiny, tiny cakes. Yum!!

On a geeky note, inspired by what Jess needs at Fig and Jam
I let the all-knowing Google tell me what I truly need, and this is what it said:

Danielle needs to go there periodically
Danielle needs to let the Social Security Administration know.
Danielle needs some advice about IUI pregnancy please!
Danielle needs to win this because it would be a great confidence booster for her
Danielle needs new sequencing with her putting
Danielle needs to retire
Danielle - Needs a room to rent, Female.
Danielle needs to receive this within two weeks of your event!
Danielle needs to find out about using the wireless network at Uni.
Danielle needs to feel that she's safe at all times and could be located in a real emergency.
Danielle needs more than nine hours to paint a room.
Danielle needs another bath

I love it!! I would say 2/3 of these are actually correct! Ha! Now you just need to guess which ones... ;) Speaking of Google being all-knowing, I dig this latest Google trick: type in "Miserable Failure" as a search and click "I'm Feeling Lucky". Its top result certainly made me chuckle :)

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