Friday, July 21, 2006

Funky Stationery

In Martha Blue and Red colour scheme
I am building quite a portfolio of invite designs atm, the more I do the more I want to experiment with new styles. This set is designed to be a more fun/casual design, and my first foray into floral motifs (Im not much of a flowery person, but I know there are plenty of brides out there that are). Im beginning to find a 'signature style' in these experiments that I hope is unique and interesting enough that I could sell these at some stage in the future (or at the rate of design Im going, send each of my 200 guests individually designed invites!! lol)

In Hot Pink and Pink colour scheme

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Stripy Stationery

So I have done another set of wedding stationary just for the fun of it, but I think its actually something I might end up using for our own wedding. The more I muck around with the design of my invites (and I think this one is invite redesign number 7 or 8 at this stage...) the more I think I might like to do this as a bit of a hobby/small business. Tough industry though, I wonder how I would deal with my bridezilla self as a customer??

In other news: this website made me chuckle this week, although it makes me wonder if any of my family/friends/wedding suppliers would like to send me a "please shut up about your fucking wedding, bridezilla" postcard because quite frankly I do talk about my wedding A LOT ;P hehehe