Friday, October 14, 2005

Louis Vuitton is da bomb!

This week has been a wonderful week of overseas presents and parcels. My best friend Pete bought me a wonderful Louis Vuitton Alma bag from her recent trip overseas, which I am very excited about (my old Multicoloure Pouchette is almost dead from taking it absolutely everywhere!) Thanks Pete!! :) xxx

And what I am also very excited about is Lak picking up my new Japanese craft book from the Post Office today!! It has been over a month since I ordered it from, so I am very glad it has finally arrived. It actually arrived earlier in the week and they left the pick up notice for us to go to the local post office to get it. So because I don't work nearby, the wonderful/helpful/amazing Lak manages to find some time in his horrendously full schedule to go there to get it, and the post office guy tells him its not there, he can't track it, and basically that he doesn't care. Even though the notice clearly said it would be at that post office. Bad service makes me very cranky. But luckily a new notice arrived yesterday to tell us it was actually at the larger, more helpful post office in town, so Im super relieved its not lost somewhere in the postal system. I cant wait to look through it tonight and make some of these guys:

And speaking of Japanese craft, I am SUPER excited that my
earlier creatures are now on the Crafting Japanese website!! I really love all the different books and projects everyone on there makes, so I am honoured to be on there myself :) Hopefully I will have some new projects to submit now that I have my new book!! (I have just realised Crafting Japanese wasn't listed in my favourites on the right, when it really is one of my favourite favourites!! doh! Will fix that now...)

Crochet Update: Thanks to the lovely ladies and lads over at the crochet forum, I have figured out that what I thought was a Single Crochet stitch is actually a slip stitch, which explains why my original sphere turned out much tinier than I expected. So I made a new sphere using a proper stitch, which was much easier than slip stiching the whole thing and it turned out fairly good. I attached it to my earlier attempts at crochet in the round (ie small circles of pure frustration), and voila! I had made a mouse. Its not the most fab thing I have ever made, but after only 1 week of crochet (half of that doing the wrong stitch!) its not too bad. I will put it up on here once I take a pic! :)

Proud Sister Update: My littlest sister Kate (aka Corn) has decided to start her own crafty blog to document her school holiday crafting, which is fantastic! She is only 11, but she is super creative and is starting to get really good at stitching neatly. There are no pics yet, but stay tuned! :) Love ya Corn! xxxx

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kate said...

hey dan!
i showed gma + gpop and they loved it! can't wait until you come down on the weekend! are you coming to riley's party? i hope you are! i'm giving him a sock monkey i made yesterday!cya on the weekend!

xxxxxooooo corn:)