Monday, October 31, 2005

Blythe Discovery

My TOP SECRET present went over a treat on the weekend, so I can now tell you what it was - it was my first ever Sock Dog for Nic's 20th! She loved it, so Im very pleased :) I will upload pics over the next couple o days (I know I keep saying that, but I promise I will!!)

The beautiful Corabel from the Noellie forum

I have been noticing around craft blog land that there are a number of crafty types interested in Blythe dolls. I remember playing with a blonde one of these strange blinky dolls at my Nanny's house when I was young, which means she has an original 1970's Blythe doll packed away somewhere since Nanny never throws anything useful away. After a little bit of research, I learnt that the original dolls were only made for a year (1972) and hence were quite rare and collectable, which I was telling Nanny yesterday at Nic's party. So this morning I thought I might do a quick eBay search and see just how much these babies are worth, and I almost passed out at the prices! Fair condition 1972 dolls are selling at around $1000AUD, and mint condition ones are apparently worth around $3500AUD!! Wow!! I dont know if Nanny would ever sell her, but its always amazing to find out that something you just happen to have is worth a lot of money. I feel like Im on an Antiques Roadshow episode! :)

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