Monday, January 26, 2009

Blank Slate

The chair, now living upstairs in the bedroom

So I had previously pondered what to do with the reading nook area, and eventually I settled on reupholstering the red chair. But over Christmas, the newly reupholstered chair moved up to the bedroom to make way for the Christmas tree, and I realised that I liked it much better up there. So now I am thinking that that half of the lounge room should be another sitting/conversation area for when we have lots of people (read: more than 2 in our tiny house) over, with a couple of chairs and ottoman or bench/coffee table. So I am now on the hunt for the perfect, smallish chairs and ottoman/table to fill the space.

Empty space awaiting new seating area.
(above) Looking towards the stairs,
and (below) looking towards the window.

I saw this chair on ebay, plus another in blue and another in red from the same seller, but I would want them to match and I was worried about reupholstering this style of chair. Then I totally forgot to bid anyway, and they havent relisted, so I'm back at square one.

Missed opportunity on ebay :(

I'm thinking this may also be the opportunity to get the Noguchi coffee table I've always wanted, but it could be a little too large for this space? And again, what chairs with it? I think for now I will leave it blank, ponder on it some more and wait for the perfect pieces to come along.

PS. Thanks Alysia for the lovely mention on the Bueller Designs blog! :)