Friday, October 07, 2005

Feeling Fruity

To go with my retro sewing basket, I really wanted a funky pincushion, and Bella Dia's strawberry one is absolutely amazing. I must admit I tried my own version, which is nowhere near as beautful as Bella Dia's, but it does do the job of holding my needles & pins, plus it was a good exercise in making something from scratch without a pattern:

So the pincushion got me thinking - if I can freestyle a strawberry, what other fruits can I make? And the inspiration struck me whilst investigating the 'Inspiring Images from Craftbooks' Flickr pool and I saw this round lemon box...

I thought "By Jeeves, Citrus!!' Which lead to my own lemon box, including 3D lemon wedge!

I have a strawberry one of these little boxes in the works now too, and I think I may make a series with things like watermelon and kiwifruit. Then, when I get better at it, I might try something really tricky like this ;)

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