Friday, October 21, 2005

Arty/Crafty/Geeky Me

I have finished my submission for Penelope's 'Draw a Witch' competition, and I am quite happy with how it turned out. Its a bit of a different interpretation of the topic - Id like to think this idea came from me being exceptionally witty, but really its just because the first thing that popped into my head on the topic 'witch' is the witch hazel face wash I use each morning!! :) I am very excited that all the participants get some of her beautiful postcards, they will be fab as part of my collection.

In crafty news, I have started work on the animal magnets Ammi has asked me to make for her friends for Christmas. So far the only one I have finished is a rather cute camel (pics on the way!), but there will be 6 more creatures to see soon. As a bit of a catch up, other recently completed projects include the strawberry box (including embroidered strawberries on the annoyingly-difficult-to-stick-straight-and-not-as-nice-as-the-lemon-fabric plaid material):

Monkey/Bear creature (meant to be a monkey, hence the tail, but ended up more bear):

and Elephant purse:

And, showing my true geek heritage, this week I finally succumbed to temptation and bought a Nintendo DS and Nintendogs. I know, Im a professional woman in my 20s, I shouldnt really be playing games like this - but they're just so damn cute!! While I am a bit disappointed there is no British Bulldog in any of the Nintendogs series, I still have the most gorgeous Golden Retriever called Rufus going at the moment. He's very good at catching the blue frisbee and is getting quite obedient *grins proudly*

When I was at the E3 conference earlier in the year, industry types were rather critical of Nintendo's strategy/games/hardware, especially with Microsoft and Sony pulling out their beefy next-gen consoles, but I always thought Nintendo were much smarter and more innovative than they are given credit for. Games like this really drive home how well Nintendo knows its audience, and how fantastic they are at making a simple concept into a super fun game - which, when you think about it, is what gaming is all about! Id much rather look after an adorable puppy than play some boring, annually rehashed EA sports game, wouldn't you? If the 'girl gamer' dollar is the holy grail of the gaming industry, I think Nintendo have it in the bag with this one :)

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