Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hello, lover

I am SO excited. My darling hubby got me the best Valentines/wedding anniversary present EVER...

Yep, its the tulip side table in marble I have been lusting after for-like-ever! I must admit, it did take a little bit of subtle *cough* email hinting:


side table
Danielle (Delaks) [danielle@]
To: 'Lakshan De Silva'

I am watching a marble tulip side table on ebay, it’s a genuine one (not a fake), it has one bid at $200 and it conveniently finishes on valentines day. Just letting you know… ;) xxxx


Unfortunately, though we did bid on that one on Valentines Day, it went for about $400 which is a little outside our budget. BUT - my fave replica store had it on special this week for $275, so off we went yesterday to pick it up! Hooray!!

I'm thinking when I eventually find a pair of chairs for the other side of the room it will go between them (similar to Victoria's set up), but for now its near the lounge and looking damn fine.

It's like a mirage or something, I keep walking in to the room and seeing it there but it hasn't yet sunk it that I actually own it! I'm so thrilled!!

READING: Cheap Healthy Good - well written, great recipes, practical and hilarious!
INSPIRING: I'm into illustrators at the moment as its an art I am trying (currently unsuccessfully) to master. I am loving the beautiful work of Yara Kono (found via Flickr)
LOVING: This interior - it was blogged all over the place but it really is beautiful. Something to aspire to in our own house I think!
COMING UP: I've had lots of questions about the interactive art in the lounge room, so stay tuned for an upcoming post about it!

5 comments: said...

ooh it's lovely. looks great in that room. nice score (fella and table).

kt said...

lucky girl! great piece... and it fits perfectly into the space.

Catherine said...

Such a great present, it looks fantastic there!

lady T said...

i stumbled across your lovely blog today.. i love the look of your home, it looks so cosy, yet crisp and fresh.

as i was looking through your older posts, i spotted your martha blue desk featured on apartment therapy. i actually posted that picture on my first blog post - what a crazy coincidence!!

Danielle said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments everyone!

Lady T - that is crazy, thanks for accidently featuring me on your blog! I've added you on my Australian Blogs list, thanks for stopping by