Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Thrifty & (Un)Sticky

New pink glass bowls - just $2 each!

A million thanks to Victoria of SFGirlByBay for featuring our home in her 'Unexpected Guests' post this week :) I can't tell you how thrilled I am, its one of my favourite blogs. Hello to new readers who have linked across!

In other news, I went thrifting over the weekend. I was after chairs for the blank spot in the living room, but all I came home with was some sweet little dishes in pale pink glass, just $2 each. So pretty! I've eaten my icecream out of them every night since.

They are the palest of pale pinks, its tricky to photograph the colour, but this is pretty close

There are 4 of them, there were also 2 matching saucers as well but I thought I would be extra thrifty and save myself the $4.

Sticky no more!

Now I'm going to confess something quite silly here: I am totally thrilled this week because... I unstuck a sticky window. Small thing I know, but its made a HUGE difference to the study. It never used to open and it would get quite hot and stuffy in there because of all the glass, but no more! I used a sharp screwdriver and a bit of elbow grease to get it unjammed, and now the breeze comes straight in on me while I'm working away. Its so nice as the tinting on the glass is rippled, so I never used to be able to see outside - now I can gaze all day at the pretty tree in the park (whoops, I mean diligently work on my computer and not be distracted by the tree in the park).

I also missed out on these this week and they went for an absolute steal, what a bummer.


Simona said...

Hi Danielle, I am Simona and I write from Milan (Italy).
I am one of those readers that have seen the pictures of your home through Victoria of SFGirlByBay. I am here to post a quick comment: I have to tell you that your home is really beautiful. It’s funny because In the kitchen floor you have the same Ikea rug that I also have, and I was thinking how different it looks in your place…
I will sure come back soon to your blog …have a good day…

The Design Spy said...

Hello just found you via SFGirlByBay - your home is just lovely and do keep up with the blog if you can! said...

those dishes are very cute!

is that little green ceramic vase near your computer by bison?


Danielle said...

Hi everyone, thanks so much for stopping by!

Simona - thanks for your lovely comment! I have about 6 of those rugs, they are so cheap and useful around the house.

Design Spy - thanks for the words of encouragement, I'm trying to keep my resolution to post more and more often :) In fact, I have another post coming up later on today! - the green ceramic is bison, good spotting! I think its actually meant for oil, but I love the green against the blue of my desk and its the perfect size for a little bunch of flowers.