Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Ok, I am going to admit my guilty pleasure here:

My name is Danielle and I am a Ebay Watchaholic.

Sad but true - I like to dig up wonderful Ebay finds, pop them on my watchlist, then never quite get around to buying them. Im not entirely sure why I do it - I think its partly being on a budget (Sydney mortgage = no cash for luxuries), and partly because I just cant decide what I want! I guess its a form of window shopping, no?

For instance, some of my latest interests:

(top) Replica Eames Walnut LCW - went for about $150, they got a bit of a bargain I think
(below) Replica Saarinen Tulip Marble Side Table - went for just over $215, retails about $250 up
(bottom) Replica Noguchi Coffee Table - went for about $250, about average on Ebay

Now given that the house is tiny, there really is no room for random Eames chairs, nor is there space for two coffee tables. But they are all so beautiful, I want them! I think the Saarinen is the most practical one, given that its small and versatile, but Ive lusted after a Noguchi
forever, and the Eames is just ridiculously good looking.

*sigh* See my dilemma? I guess Ill just have to keep daydreaming unless my house (and bank balance) miraculously grows!

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