Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Domestic Bliss

The table set ready for the strawberry & cream tea party

So its been a little over a month since I left the rat race and started working for myself. And I must say it has been brilliant. All the heartache and bullying and unrecognised work at my previous job seem (almost) worth it to be where I am now. Working my own hours, coming home to Morty in the hot afternoons, and earning similar to what I did before but working about 1/3 the time I did previously, it's absolutely wonderful. An unexpected side effect is that I have become Martha Stewart. Yep, I cook, I clean - I am now the hostess with the mostess. And I'm loving it! Case in point: it was my nan's 75th birthday last Friday, and my mum's 45th birthday on Sunday. So on Saturday I had them over for yum cha lunch at the Fish Markets followed by afternoon tea a la Martha at our house. The theme (yes, my afternoon tea had a theme): Strawberries & Cream.

The new pink dishes make an appearance, ready for strawberry jam & cream

We had apple tea cake as the birthday cake (too hot for heavy chocolate cake), pikelets with strawberry jam & cream, actual strawberries with cream, and strawberry & cream lollies. And creaming soda spiders because they are also pretty pink and white!

My inner-Martha emerges in the form of a festive garland

My 'Happy Birthday' banner is from Martha Stewart (rediscovered via Design Freebies), hung with mini Kikki-K pegs on a white ribbon. All round it was a great success, we all ate far too much and enjoyed the day thoroughly! Happy Birthday Nanny & Mum!

I've been thinking about a small new addition to posts - a few quick links to things that have sparked interest or inspiration recently. So from now on I will have a small link list at the end of posts - et voila!

READING: Renovation Planning (via Desire to Inspire). I just love aussie blogs!
INSPIRING: Illustrator Thom Glick's daily drawings and the gorgeous style of Helen Dardik (via Drawn! and Cupcakes & Cashmere/Etsy)
LOVING: Sunbeam Ceramic Kettle in blue, would looko fabbo in our kitchen (hint hint hubby!)

PS. Although its a rainy day here in Sydney, there are still terrible bushfires raging in Victoria - the worst bushfires in Australia's history. Many people have lost their homes, and far too many have lost their lives. Please visit the Red Cross to donate if you can.


red.door.read said...

ooh, what a sweet set up for a birthday tea party. love it.

i have been looking for a cake stand - can you share where you got yours from?


Danielle said...

Hello again! The cakestand was a present a few years ago - its Maxwell & Williams, so you might be able to find something similar at House or Victoria's Basement?