Wednesday, December 24, 2008

'Twas the night before Christmas...

In the spirit of giving, I give you... an interesting post! :) I am determined to get this blog happening in the new year, so hopefully this is one of many going forward.

My parents and sisters are coming over to our house early tomorrow morning to rip open many presents and have breakfast together before everyone splits to see various in-laws and assorted other friends/family. I love setting the table for Christmas, its the opportunity to do something really special.

I'm trying to be thrifty this year, so apart from the fresh flowers everything else are things I had around the house - the blue "table runner" is left over wrapping paper, with a strand of tinsel for sparkle, a set of Ikea candlesticks which I bought on special, and left over tree decorations as napkin rings. The spotty mugs and the plain plates are part of a set I got last christmas and I love them (althought they are not dishwasher friendly so I don't love washing up after using them!)

Even the flowers are a little bit thrifty - the lisanthus are left overs from a bunch I bought last week, I just pruned out the floppy/browning ones. I added singapore orchids, Christmas bush and some random glossy foliage (cost $10 altogether) to plump out the bunch. I also love to bust out my Jasper Conran for Wedgewood teapot/creamer/sugar bowl whenver I can, their platinum rim adds to the sparkle.

I'm certain Eddie Ross would have something to say about this table setting! :) Well, how
do you properly set a table for breakfast? I have just winged it here - knife and fork for eggs and toast eating, spotty mug with teaspoon inside for tea and coffee sipping, and a wine glass for some extra special orange juice drinking.

And last but not least, our Christmas e-card. It took about 1.5hrs, 2 sets of antlers and dozens of blurry shots before Morty would sit still and smile for Mama, but what a gorgeous smile it is.

Merry Christmas from my little family to yours, I hope your holidays are safe and magical!

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