Monday, December 01, 2008

Growing up & ramping up

Gosh, it has been months since I last posted. So much for my new years resolution to post more often - maybe I should start them next year, since its so close!

A year ago today we got the keys to our little house. It has flown by so quickly, I just cant believe it! We have made improvements here and there, and it still makes me smile that this is ours.

The little guy in my last post has now grown to be this large fellow:

...who makes us laugh all day long with his crazy antics (right now he's trying to wedge himself under the lounge for no apparent reason).

I was going to write a long, deep post about the many many things I have been working on and pondering lately, but I think instead I should just update my blog more often and explain it as I go!

One big thing I have been thinking carefully about is my career, and the interesting conundrum that arises when a secure, well paying job yields zero job satisfaction. Do you leave and do what you love, sacrificing a steady wage (and possibly some of the lifestyle that that affords)? Or do you stay and be miserable every day, but be able to afford lifes luxuries? Its a tough one.

I have had my little business on the backburner for quite a while now, I'm thinking that 2009 may be the year to ramp things up and get some real job satisfaction happening. Stay tuned!

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