Friday, April 11, 2008

Yellow there!

Fresh from the oven - a brand new Delaks design!

I have done a new design for Delaks, a beautiful butter yellow invite which I am a quite in love with. I really want to get some yellow happening in my home decor, but Lak hates it so I am making do with yellow in my designs. What do you all think?

Ive slowly been getting together the Delaks wesbite, and its (finally) up, but theres still quite a bit of tweaking to do and of course uploading the full set of designs. Over the next week or so I will be really spending some quality time on it, so watch that space! Apparently there is also a spelling mistake on the website somewhere - my mum told me she saw one but couldnt remember where, so Ill have to read through it all again to find the culprit. First one to let me know where it is gets a surprise prize!

Im also adding another thing to my list of resolutions for the year - I am determined to dress better. Dont get me wrong, Im not completely devoid of style or fashion sensibility, but I want to be even more fabulous and well dressed this year. The theory is to dress for the position you want to be in, and I want to be more than a cute jeans-type girl, I want to be a serious, fabulous, sucessful woman. So my new fashion inspirations are the uber-chic ladies of Cashmere Mafia (my new favourite show). I am especially fond of Lucy Lui's outfits on the show - professional, but edgy and colourful. I like it!

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