Friday, April 04, 2008

Reading Nook Revamp?

So Ive been thinking about my reading nook. Its a beautiful little spot to kick back and relax in, but I think the red chair is in need of a revamp soon. Ive had it for about 8 years now and its a bit faded looking. So through the wonder of Photoshop I present to you...

Some Reading Nook Options

Option One: Revamp the Chair
This is the budget option really, Im thinking of staining the wood a little darker and recovering the upholstery of the chair and the footstool in plain white, plus adding a super funky cushion in some sort of fabulous fabric. Alas, I think the Imperial Trellis shown in the pic is out of my price range (and besides I cant seem find it anywhere nearby) but hey, its my Photoshop mockup and Ill KWID if I want to! hehehe

Option Two: Replace the Chair
This would be the blow-the-budget-and-then-some option, but hot damn it would be good looking. An Eames recliner in white leather would be so fabulous here, then I can move the existing chair up into the bedroom where its lighter wood would better match the furniture.

Another completely different thought would be to get 2 or more smaller chairs of some sort (or maybe an upholstered bench under the window + chair) plus a little table, and make more of a 'conversation' space.

Tough call, any thoughts out there?

Im also planning to do a painting for the blank back wall above the daybed in the sunroom, I might get going on that this weekend if I have time, so stay tuned for that one!

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