Monday, March 24, 2008

New Years Resolutions

Our little slice of paradise (emphasis on little!)
Its almost a year since I last posted to my poor little blog, and similar to my last post there have been a multitude of changes in my life, not least of which has been becoming a home owner for the very first time! So my focus has shifted a little from wedding plans to floorplans, flower arrangements to furniture, and modern ceremony to mid-century modern style!
In a nutshell: life is pretty sweet, but I still have some bigs plans for the future and Ive gathered a few thoughts on how to get there. I have been pondering how to fufill my work aspirations, expand my skills and feel good about myself and my place in the world. I think that writing it down (and sticking to my promise to post more often!) is probably a good way to start.
So here it is - my Handy Dandy 2008 New Years/Life Resolutions (backdate these to New Years Eve)
  1. Post to blog more often (alright, so right now more often can mean anything under 6 months per post, so I will quanitfy this one at at least twice a week)
  2. Design & be creative/crafty for 2 hours per day - either for someone or for myself - with the view to earning enough from design to eventually work for myself
  3. Work out how to become a carbon neutral household, or at the very least more environmentally conscious
  4. Have a 'screen free' day one night per week - no computer, no TV, no phone

Some of these are pretty simple & shouldnt take long to acheive - for instance I just need to get my butt to the pilates class and rejoin - and some are quite large goals, like being able to work for myself. Some of them I have already started, and some are things I want to do over time to be a better person all-round and more of a global citizen. Im thinking the blog will now document the progress of these, as well as the progress of making my little house into our first real home.

Wish me luck, Ive got a lot of work to do! :)

PS. Im super interested to know if anyone is still out there reading this blog? There was a bit of interest earlier on, particularly with my japanese crafting things, but its certainly been a long time between posts and Im wondering if youre still about. Leave me a comment to say hello if youre stopping by again (or just arriving!)

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