Saturday, March 29, 2008


Our little lounge room

We're at home tonight, kicking back to enjoy Earth Hour after a long & tiring day.

We bought our little house in Sydney (about 5mins from the CBD) in December, and it makes me so happy that its ours. I absolutely *heart* my little house. Its 115 years old, on one of the oldest streets in one of the first suburbs in Sydney, so it has gorgeous floorboards and the most divine deep skirting boards. The light streams in here all day, so even though its small it feels so light and lovely.

I have been slowly unpacking everything over the past few months, buying new things here and there, finding spots for everything in our little home. Theres still some things to do - in this room I want to paint the walls up to the picture rail to really make the white ceilings/trim/skirting boards pop. I also want to get a Tulip side table for in here - I think it would be just perfect with the whites.
The art is waiting patiently for a decision on the wall colour, leaning nonchantly against the wall waiting for us to finally make up our minds. The little tiles on it are all letters that can be moved around to make words - when people come by to visit there are often little messages left on it for us. Currently on there is 'holy toledo batman', as well a nice mixture of nonsense and the occasional 'gnu'.

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Anonymous said...

what is the art against the wall - in the lounge room - love it !
can you post a close up