Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Its alive!!

I have finally resurrected my blog. The poor thing has languished, broken and pictureless, for far too long, so I am going to be a far more diligent blog owner and update it!! So lets see, my last post was November last year... what things have I been up to in the past 7 months? Hrm, lets see, well, for one... WE GOT ENGAGED in December!!! After 6 years, my gorgeous Lak finally did the deed so I will be becoming a Mrs in February next year! Lots of wedding planning has been going on, so many many posts of ideas to follow! Yay!!

mmmmm, scanned bling!! :)

In other lifechanging news, we have also made the move from Wollongong to Sydney, so I am now living in a fab apartment in the city which is great! We have painted the whole thing because suprisingly, electric blue feature walls and piss yellow everything else just didnt do it for me. So now the feature walls are a lovely normal shade of blue mixed up by our painter which I like to call 'Martha Stewart Blue' - as in Martha would paint her wall that colour, so of course its lovely! Everything else is a beautiful warm white, so the apartment looks so much better, its a really cool space now.

Those are the major things pretty briefly covered, so here are some smaller things that have been on my mind of late:

My slippers had a blow-out recently, and not a small one either: Im talking a few weeks leaving small bits of sole around the place, then Im just walking along one night and BAM - there was no sole at all. Its a bit of a disaster since its not exactly been toasty weather lately! So Im thinking of having a go at making some felt ones like Marthas and Notebooks, cos quite frankly my feet are cold!

Im becoming a little bit obsessed with the Noguchi Coffee Table. Oh how I want it, let me count the ways... its sexy, glassy and sculptural, plus its a timeless modern classic (this baby was designed in the 1940s!!) I want it on my white shag rug so bad, but alas even knockoffs are expensive *sigh*

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chocolate247 said...

The slippers are SOOOOO comfy!!! and warm! you should totally make urself a pair! thanks 4 the slippers! I luv them!

Also, did u put ur hand in the scanner to scan thst pic of ur bling? Ur crazy!

lol, luv ur sis Con xxoo