Thursday, June 22, 2006

Guerilla Gardening - Naughty But Nice

I am partial to a bit of gardening, and have grown lovely herbs quite sucessfully in the past. However my passion waned when I moved nearer to the beach and the salty air + searing sun on my balcony killed off everything I had carefully tended to, including the Unkillable Rosemary. Now I am in a south facing apartment, so I have the exact opposite problem where sunshine is scarce and we have no balcony (ironically though, we have a "sun room" that receives no natural sunlight). So I have swapped to succulents, and can I say they are very satisfying to grow - no fiddly feeding and only occasional watering, its great! Still, I would love to one day have a small yard where I can flex my green thumbs and bust out a vegie patch or a nice flowerbed. So the idea of Guerilla Gardening really appeals to me - random acts of illicit gardening in otherwise drab public places is the perfect combination of naughty-but-nice behaviour. I will be keeping my eyes peeled for possible GG sites around Pyrmont, so stay tuned for random planting!! And if youre in the area and want to participate in some GG with me, let me know!! (need to be careful though, what with all the terrorism training going on around here - be alert but not alarmed people!)

Gorgeous illustration from Loobylu which
perfectly sums up my new obsession with succulents

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