Thursday, November 10, 2005

I'm melting! ....melting!

Its been far too hot lately to do much crafting - sweltering, melting, sticky hot and its not even properly summer yet! I keep getting sunburnt on one side driving to and from work, Im going to end up with a super brown 'driving arm' by the end of the summer. I did manage to get an elephant done for Ammi this week, and if the storm comes through as its meant to tonight and cools things down a bit, I will start on a lizard or maybe a crocodile.

So in lieu of my own pics, I thought I might share some inspirational pics of things that I like and that I would like to do:

Jenny's sunroom is beautiful, I cant wait to have our own home to decorate and fill with lovely things like this (I am drooling over these bookshelves!!) After years of renting, the first thing I want to do when I get my own house is to paint the walls whatever colour I like - no more rental beige for me!!

Bree's house at Universal Studios, from when I went to LA in May.
The tour we were on thought I
was a lunatic because I nearly
passed out when we went to the set of Desperate Housewives. I
made them stop at every single house so I could take a picture!! *lol*

Speaking of houses, I am also in love with the houses of Wisteria Lane, the crisp white trims, bright colours and perfect lawns (I think its called 'colonial revival' style, but I could be wrong?) My ultimate dream would be to have a nice house in Balmain, with a bulldog in the backyard and a frangipani tree.

I also dig the bead rings currently on Craftapalooza, I have so many beads that would be perfect on a ring like this - the ones that are tricky to incorporate into a necklace or individual ones that cant be made into earrings, but are too special and beautiful to waste. I will have to investigate where to get the 'ring' part itself, and experiment with how to actually put them together (I think hers are wired, but then how to attach to the base?)

The log cabin pillows
A Bird in the Hand has been making lately are to die for!! I have been thinking about attempting quiting for the first time, but I dont want it to be too 'cottagey'. I think these babies fit the bill! I will have to build up my fabric collection some more first, then any advice from accomplished quilters as to where to start on a project like this would be gladly accepted!! :)

Bella Dia's pincushions are always inspirational, and the 'quilt' set are certainly no exception. These are so simple, yet so so beautiful.

Ana Ventura's scrap paper dolls are the most gorgeous combination of art and craft. It amazes me how much depth and personality these (literally!) 2-dimensional characters have. Her christmas and whale mobiles are also faves.

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