Monday, November 07, 2005

The Secret Revealed!

Nics 20th birthday present, all wrapped up. I love this box - $4 from The Reject Shop, and theres a whole set of different ones in different sizes and colours too! The ribbon was from there also ($2), Corn has already taken all the beads off and added them to her collection :) And whats inside...?

Ta da!! A small Sock Dog, Sportsgirl chunky beady necklace inside a handmade paper box made from a printed
vintage wallpaper pattern, and of course what every girl needs, Jelly Belly jellybeans!

So the TOP SECRET project is finally revealed! I am very pleased with how this little guy turned out, I think he has a nice look about him. He is a pair of gray baby socks (about size 2-5), and is my first foray into canine sock creatures. He literally has a button nose! *lol*

He's very obedient and can sit on command. He was sitting ready in the box for her to open - as I was wrapping it up, Lak kept saying "He's not a dog ON a tucker box, he's a dog IN a tucker box!" and thinking it was hilarious (I had a chuckle I must admit).

Gratuitous butt shot - this was mainly to jazz him up a bit, since he was made from a plain pair of socks. I wanted to make some felt spots for him but I was worried he might end up looking like he had some sort of skin disease, or possibly looking like a cow. So he got sequins and a heart on his bum instead. Now that I think about it, he kind of resembles a Care Bear! And speaking a things from my childhood, how exciting is this?? Muppets + reality TV = Danielle heaven :)

I wasnt one of the 3 winners in Penelope's drawing competition, but the ones that did win were excellent, so Im not too sad. Lori Joy Smith's one really sums it up I think - "Cackle" is a witch in one word *lol*

Lori Joy Smith's 'Draw a Witch' submission

I am trying to figure out how to get to Adelaide to have a sticky beak at the Morphe exhibition in December. I cant really take time off work at that time of year for us to drive there, and I think that flights would be quite expensive near Christmas as well. Argh, Adelaide - so close, yet so far away!

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