Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Rolling! Action! Cut!

The stand-off - Morty versus the Horse

I mysteriously mentioned in my last post that something exciting had been happening in my neighbourhood, and now its time for the big reveal... they have been filming a TV series right outside my house! It's a kids TV series for the ABC and its based on the book My Place by Sally Morgan. It's all about one house and the children that lived in it from the 1800's through to now. And the house chosen to be used in the series is right across the street! How exciting!

So for the past couple of months every week or so they block off the street, bring in the film crew and film the exterior shots for the show. It's been facinating watching them out the window, with different props and cars and costumes to represent the era they are filming that session.

The first week was the 1800's, and they completely covered the road in dirt. Unfortunately that day (and it seems most days they are filming here!) there was torrential rain, so the dirt road turned into a giant mud pie. All the more authentic I guess!

The horses were 'parked' right outside our house - Morty was not too thrilled to see them, and the horses were not so fond of Morty either!

As carriages thundered up and down the street all day, I couldn't help but wonder if they might wake up a ghost in the house - our house is very old, and its such a surreal sound to hear a horse and carriage at full flight. It is a deep rumble that rattles the windows, I thought for sure it would stir something from the past, but so far no ghosts have emerged (that I know of!)

Left 2009 - Right 1889. It looks so authentic with the dirt road and horse and cart!

It's such a fun thing to have happen in your street, I love hearing the calls for 'Quiet please, rolling!', 'Action!' and 'Cut!' as I'm working away here on my computer. I can't wait for the series to air so that I can see if our house made it into the background of any shots :)

The Snapper Board Guy

READING: The 5C's of Photo Styling, a great guide with beautiful example shots (via Mint)

LOVING: Unique Michael Jackson tributes here and here and here. We are both big fans of Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5, and have been listening with heavy hearts to Thriller and the Best of the Jackson 5 since we heard the news. RIP MJ, I hope you have finally found peace.

INSPIRING: I'm looking for inspiration at the moment - I have some new projects coming up that are exciting and different, but after my last project which was so long and draining (finally finished, but with some finishing touches STILL to go) its hard to have to start all over again!

COMING UP: I did a spot (or should I say stripe?) of painting over the weekend, I can't wait to show you the result!

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It must be very exciting! The top picture is really cute.