Tuesday, March 24, 2009

White Out

The majority of my house is white, with accents of blue and black. I love how crisp and light it is, but it sure is hard to maintain! Case in point: my skirting boards. Now, the skirting boards are one of my favourite things about my home - they are lovely, deep and original to the house. However, they are also disgusting. See pic below:

And this is just after cleaning them! There is beading at the bottom which was never painted properly in the first place, compounded by the fact that when the floors were polished they obviously didn't remove the beading so there is floor stain on it as well. The skirting boards themselves had also become a bit yellowed with age. I had been contemplating repainting them for a while, and today was the day - I busted out the semi-gloss white acrylic and got to it. A couple of hours later I had done most of the skirting boards around the ground floor and the door trim upstairs. Morty and I both are both covered in paint, but what a difference!!

Needs a bit of touching up, but it really is true that white paint can fix everything.

And while we're in a white mood, here's the info I've been promising on the interactive art hanging in our loungeroom:

It was made by my sister as her Year 12 major art piece, and while its original intention was to demonstrate that the meaning of art is irrelevant as each viewer interprets each piece differently from the artist's intention... in actual fact its also a really fun piece to have hanging in your lounge. She has never told us what the original sentence was (hence the idea of the original meaning being lost), but everyone who comes over likes to leave a little message of their own. For quite a while it read 'Holy Toledo Batman' which made me chuckle.

The construction is pretty simple: 2 canvases, primed and painted white. The letters were then printed onto clear sticker paper, and mounted onto foam core which was then cut into 'tiles' for each letter. A velcro sticky dot on the back means that the letters can be changed around as we please. Voila! :)

READING: Quotes about reading & books, for a soon-to-be-released new product in my Etsy store. My favourite so far: "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." - Dr. Seuss So true!

INSPIRING: Tsk Tsk (website and blog), a fellow Aussie and a prolific and very talented artist/crafter. Her works are all so lovely and unique. Something to aspire to!

LOVING: Font Squirrel - I love me some free fonts, so this site is heaven. All beautiful, all gratis. Fabulous!


Jenny said...

nice work! Have you seen the post on doorsixteen.com about white floorboards? Anna's house has a lot of white in it - I think you'd like it, if you've not already seen that blog.
Nice art by your sister, too.
I have a question about beading on skirting boards... my house has obviously been replastered and they've taken all the old skirting and ceiling stuff off. There are gaps between some of my floorboards and the skirting boards... I wonder if I should add beading??? My other thought was to get some heavy duty no more gaps or builders bog and just slap it up against the gaps... This is probably outside the range of your advice to readers!!

Danielle said...

Hi Jenny! I LOVE Door 16, their house is just fabulous. I have actually been pondering painting the floors upstairs in our attic bedroom - the boards downstairs are beautiful and polished nicely, but upstairs they are cheap boards with lots of marks and strange stains, plus I think they are actually still unsealed! So I totally agree, painting could do the trick up there.

Re. your question about skirting boards and beading - I would probably say go the beading instead of no more gaps, mainly because its cheap, you can paint it before nailing it down (much easier!), and you can hide cabling etc into the gap behind it if you need to. Let me know how you go, do you have a blog?

Jenny said...

thanks Danielle for replying to my question! good thinking on painting the beading - I find it hard to stop the paint getting on the floorboards, even when I use masking tape. argh! but I kid myself I can save money by doing it myself!

after I posted the comment above, I realised you had door sixteen on your list of faves! It's a lovely blog.

No, I don't have a blog, but I'm now a regular visitor here! I found yours through sfgirlbybay, and yours is now added to my faves!

I'm going to get my stumps checked - wondering if that's why I've got those gaps!