Friday, September 30, 2005

How it all started...

I have had a craft revival of late. It all started many years ago when I was in primary school (Year 5 to be exact), and I borrowed this book from my school library:

Ondori Lovable Mini Dolls by Terumi Otaka
ISBN# 0870405187

I remember turning each page and wanting to make EVERYTHING in the book (and believe me, thats a lot - theres 165 patterns in this baby!) I made a few of the creatures - the Duck, Bat, Dragonfly, Frog and Bear - and photocopied a few of the patterns of things I would like to make later before diligently returning the book to the library.

Fast forward a decade and a bit, and I still have those photcopies and a few of the little felt creatures that I had made. My littlest sister Kate, who is now about the same age I was when I originally made these, found them and asked me about it, which inspired my new crafting mission: I would once again make small creatures out of felt :)

Thinking it would be highly doubtful I would find the exact book I had loved when I was a kid (and wistfully wondering if perhaps I could go back and borrow it again from my primary school...), I looked around on the net for similar books/patterns, and stumbled across a highly inspirational and talented online crafting community and many amazing blogs!! I also off I went to the fab Kinokuniya bookstore in the city, where I bought this book:

Felt Mascots by Keiko Matsuda
ISBN# 4834754766

And so started my crafting again!

PS. I later did a random ebay search for 'felt' and found THE PRIMARY SCHOOL BOOK!!! And so I bought it!! Its much smaller than I remember, but inside its still as fantastic :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi I just came across your blog because I was trying to find this exact book! I remember borrowing it from my local library when I was young and loving making the dolls! now I have my own daughter I am going to try and find a copy so we can craft together. Thanks to your blog I now have the title and author. Cheers! Alexandra